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Anthem Breach Response

February 6, 2015

People should be very concerned with the recently reported Anthem breach.  The statement from Anthem says that no banking or card information was compromised. The statement also says that Anthem member’s Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI) was breached.
NPPI can be used to commit Identity Theft. There are many things thieves can do with this information. Some common uses are the thieves may try to apply for credit  in your name, attempt to reset passwords to your accounts and file fraudulent tax returns.
The IRS reported over 1.5 million fraudulent returns filed in 2012 for over $5 Billion dollars. This is only expected to grow.
Phishers and phone fraudsters are capitalizing on public concern over the Anthem data breach in a bid to steal financial and personal data from consumers. Beware of emails and phone calls claiming to be from Anthem. A common email scam asks people to click on a link to obtain free protection for a year. Anthem has indicted impacted members will receive a notice via mail.
What can you do?
1. Change your passwords, update your security questions, use 2-factor authentication whenever possible on important logins such as your email, bank accounts and other financial institution accounts.
2. Enroll into credit monitoring services. This will help you monitor your credit and get information on your open credit accounts.
3. If you do not plan to file for any credit in the near future, consider putting a fraud alert or credit freeze on your credit file with the big 3 credit reporting firms.
4. Enroll into the IRS Identification Protection PIN service with the IRS.
5. File your Tax Return sooner rather than later. If the thieves have enough information, they will try to file your tax return and collect your refund.

Some good resources on Identity Theft are below.

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