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Text Message Scam

July 20, 2016

We have received multiple reports of a text message scam throughout our area.  People have reported receiving a text message stating their payment failed and their money transfer was canceled.  They are then asked to follow a link to a website. The message comes from an email address ending in “” and mentions “Western Union”.  This text message should be considered fraudulent and the link should not be followed.

This scam is representative of “smishing” scams, used by fraudsters to bait individuals into revealing personal information. Be leery of text messages that indicate a problem or question regarding your financial accounts. In this scam, fraudsters direct victims to follow a link or call a number to update an account or correct a purported problem. The link directs the victim to a fraudulent website or message that appears legitimate. Instead, the site allows the fraudster to steal any personal information the victim provides.

If you receive such a text message, do not click on the link or respond to the message and report the message to the
Federal Trade Commission.  If you have clicked on the link or responded to the message, contact your wireless carrier for assistance.


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